Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's next?

suggestions for our next book begin here... 

remember that we've suggested that we go with something we've not yet read, and perhaps something not so mainstream or as popular as what we've just done.

Next week's Book Club - Nov. 25th

Here's a quick reminder that next week is our "Tech" session to get everyone up and running on the blog. 

If you've not finished The Hunger Games, (I think that's just a few) since most of you have screamed ahead in the readings, then you have two weeks to do so.  We'll have discussion on the book the following week after our 'tech' session. 

Remember to think of some of the activities mentioned today in book club in terms of follow-up / advertising / sharing our book adventure with others. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week Three Readings: Chapters 9-13

We missed our meeting this week due to Rememberance Day, so I thought I'd post the readings for the next week so we don't fall behind and still meet our deadline of being finished before Christmas.  I know many of you have read ahead so I don't think this is a problem. 

See you all next Thursday @ lunch!

Week Two Readings: Chapters 4-8

Okay - so i was a little slow getting the readings out there this week. Sorry about that!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


Just to let everyone know so they don't keep saying "Who's Zigbafooeytinafin?"

Zigbafooeytinafin is Reggie.



Friday, October 29, 2010

Week One Readings (29 Oct - 04 Nov)

This week's readings are Chapter's 1-3 (pages 1-47). 

While reading think of some of the prompts in my last post Responding to the Readings - Discussion Prompts for items to discuss here in the blog or during book club meetings.

To discuss items in this blog, use the comment boxes below each post to start discussions for each week's readings. For example, to submit a question or comment for 'Week One Readings' then use the comment box below this post to enter your thoughts, or for 'Week Two Readings' enter your thoughts in the comments section for that post.  Get the idea?  The other option is to create a new post with a clear title and comments. 

If you've never used a blog before then do a little experimenting and be sure to ask for help if you need it.  I'll be moderating (watching in the background), so be sure to always respond to each other in appropriate ways, i.e., use appropriate language, be respectful, etc.  That being said we want you to have fun participating in this forum.  So be spontaneous, share your thoughts and participate in the dialogue.  No marks for spelling or grammar here either, so enjoy! 

Let the games begin! or shall I say 'posts'? 

Responding to the Readings - Discussion Prompts

Book Club Discussion Prompts

Possible responses:
@     I was impressed or struck by …
@     I noticed that …
@     I wonder about …
@     Some questions I have …
@     I don’t understand …
@     I now understand why/how/what …
@     An interesting world / sentence / thought is …
@     This story makes me feel …
@     I predict …
@     Something I noticed / appreciate / don’t appreciate / wonder about  ____________ (character) is …
You may wish to include:
@     The issues and themes presented in the book (eg. fear, savagery, etc.)
@     What seems realistic and unrealistic
@     What’s difficult to understand in the novel and how the author could make this easier
@     Conflicts in the book and what characters learn through resolving the conflicts

Welcome to the LFMSS Book Club blog!

So, here goes our 1st attempt at a Fundy Book Club!! 

If you have a love for reading and want to explore some new great titles and perhaps even some old classics, discuss books and their ideas, and have fun and make new friends, then come and join us in the Book Club!

We meet on Thursdays in the Library @ Lunch
(bring your lunch)

We are so excited to see so many eager students ready to dive into our 1st book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. 

If you haven't yet signed up to join us, please drop by the library and do so - It's not too late! 

Looking forward to all the great reading and discussion ahead!